Gratitude | Day 8 and 9 | Health


So even though it looks like I have it all together, I don’t. The other night I wrote about having such and incredible day with my boys and here I am combining my grateful posts tonight. Tonight I feel like for every positive there’s a negative just a few inches behind.

Like I said- I was so happy go lucky about my good day with my boys that I really wasn’t expecting a negative to follow like I got…the stomach bug.  You know, because moms do not get sick days.

Anyway.  Let me stop rambling and write about Day 8 and 9 and why they are dedicated to health. I’m thankful for good health.  I’m not a health nut.  I’m still carrying about 25 pounds of baby weight.  I occasionally get out and exercise.  I do not eat kale.

But I am healthy: emotionally,  mentally,  physically…

I got hit with the stomach bug- and though it’s not fun…I’m glad my body was like- “get outta here!”  I’m thankful my body was able to do what it knew to do to get that bug out.  I’m thankful for relief today.

I’m also thankful for healthy boys. Monster had his four-year checkup today. He’s a great, big, brave boy! He weighs in at 42 pounds and is 41.5 inches tall. He left with enduring six shots and a finger prick.  Everything went well…and he’s good to go.

I’m so thankful and grateful for good health.  I’m also grateful to be one to see the glass as half full.  Always looking for the positive is great for your mental and emotional health as well.  I’m thankful for that out look, and all around good health.

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