Gratitude | Day 10 | Wild Thing


My Wild Thing. He was my calm…now he’s my storm warning.  He used to watch…now he mimics. He was so quiet…now he’s found his voice.

He’s loud. SO loud.

Wild Thing is such a little (baby) boy these days. He does his best to keep up with Monster- but he not quite there yet. He loves his inner circle, and there are only a select few who are in that circle! He’s set in his ways and I can see some strong-willed tendencies in him as well. (Pray now)

But, let me tell you. This boy loves and he loves big. There is nothing better in the world than getting a slobbery kiss from him when I least expect it. Chasing him around the house before baths is something we’ve turned into a game. Just him and me. Every single night.

It makes him belly laugh. Oh how I LOVE his laugh!

He’s a beautiful masterpiece. His personality is tenacious, and his ability to love big melts my heart. He is my Wild Thing- that’s for sure. I am forever grateful The Lord saw fit to entrust him to us!

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