Wrapping Up Christmas, Wrapping Up 2016

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays! I mean, seriously who doesn’t love the idea of staying home and watching A Christmas Story, eating home made candies, and making traditions come to life with your family? Just simply put, Christmas is fun!

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is Christmas cards. Although, I feel like people think they are a waste, I look forward to that quick walk to the mailbox to see who has sent my family a little Christmas cheer. You can’t beat making someone’s day with a simple card wishing you a joyful season!

So, here I am to give you an idea for those Christmas cards you got. Are you ready? Keep them. Yes- keep them! Here’s what I plan on doing with mine. I plan on placing a Christmas card on our kitchen table, and every night for a week our family is going to pray for the family who’s Christmas card lays on our table.   We received 50 cards this year, so that means my little family will intentionally pray for another family, for a whole week, for the year 2017.

Now you can do whatever you want with your cards…I mean they are yours. But I plan on putting them to good use and spending a little more time reflecting on the person who thought of my little family this past Christmas. It’s an easy way to teach your children about praying for others. It’s a simple way to share gratitude with The Lord. It’s an effortless way to make sure you have a little love in your day!

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