Hippity Hoppin’

Spring is finally here! I am so glad to see the calendar flip over to April. April is one of the busiest months for my little family. It holds several birthdays (Mr.’s) and this year April holds Easter. I love when Easter falls in the month of April. I feel like every piece of creation is screaming, “Thank you, Lord! It is spring.” I, myself, am screaming, “Thank you, Lord for Jesus!”

I wanted to share with you a new tradition I will be starting with the boys. I love all of the activities that come with Easter. Egg Hunts were always one of my most favorite things to do when spring rolled around. Growing up, my mom knew how much my sisters and I enjoyed egg hunts, and ended up finding these very special eggs she shared with us many years ago.

Resurrection Eggs.

I know some of you have heard of them…or maybe you haven’t. To sum them up, they basically are a dozen eggs where each egg contains an object that is significant in being apart of the Easter story. You can open all 12 eggs at once and read about the objects they contain, or you can take my approach.

Here’s what I will be doing with these eggs over the next 12 days leading up to Easter. I found this little wooden bunny at Target ($3) and the Resurrection Eggs at a Christian bookstore that was having a store-closing sale ($8). This little rabbit will be bringing one egg a day with a book (the one pictured, it comes with the eggs) that has a story that corresponds with the egg. The story will explain why the specific object that is in the egg, is special to Easter.


This little bunny will hide an egg somewhere in the house over the next 12 days and the boys will look for an egg everyday. We will read the story and hopefully have conversations about Easter and the hope we have because of it. Now, of course you could make this more elaborate…but I want to have my boys focus on the meaning of Easter.

To introduce this idea, I’ve come up with a letter that this bunny (Peter Cottontail) has written and brought to the boys. It is very simple (and similar to what I did when I introduced our Elf, Simon, at Christmas.) If you’re interested in a copy of the letter, just let me know! You can write to me through my CONTACT page, and I will be more than happy to edit the letter for you. After all, our main goal as Christ-followers is to get our children to Heaven. I just think this fun approach is a great way to introduce Jesus and have a little Easter fun while doing it.

Peter Cottontail Letter 2

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