img_4197I still can’t believe that I get to call this sweet boy mine! I am beyond grateful that The Lord picked me, of all people, to train this boy up. I am a blessed momma!

The journey that we are on is incredible. I couldn’t ask for a better partner or Daddy to Monster than Mr. This guy gave us the title of “Daddy and Momma” F O U R years ago.

Monster is charming, confident, and charismatic. He’s eveything I never knew I needed or wanted. He tests me and teaches me. He loves me for me and there hasn’t been a day over the last F O U R years where I haven’t been cuddled, hugged, or kissed.

My first born, over this next year I hope you grow into a deeper friendship with Jesus. That you learn how to lead those around you. Lastly, I pray that you can continue to show kindness to those you don’t know. You’re my Monster…and I love you! Forever and ever, amen!

Love, Momma

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