Gratitude | Day 3 | Sweet Potatoe Casserole


Sweet Potatoe Casserole?!  Why in the world would you be grateful for that?  Well, once October wraps up, my side of the family immediately starts diving into planning for Thanksgiving. It takes a lot of coordination because our family is SO big, and we have in laws to think about.

Every year, my sisters and me bring something to our family’s Thanksgiving dinner. We’re at a point now where it’s basically a given of who’s going to bring what. I’m in charge of bringing sweet potatoe casserole. Not just any sweet potatoe casserole, my Mamaw’s recipe for sweet potatoe casserole.

My Mamaw passed away, unexpectedly, 28 days before Monster was born. It was a total shock to us all. 2013 was a tough Thanksgiving to plan without our Mamaw. My sisters and me decided we’d each take on one of her recipes to bring to dinner that year. In a way, it made us feel like she was still present with us. I still feel like it’s an honor to create something she loved making to share with her family…and now I can share it with her great-grandbabies.

To this day…we each stick to that recipe we picked back in 2013 and bring it the day of our family’s Thanksgiving dinner. It’s amazing how the smells, tastes, and memories bring my Mamaw back- even if it’s only for a few hours. So today I’m thankful for sweet potatoe casserole…because it reminds me of my Mamaw- who I am so grateful for.

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