Gratitude | Day 4 | Night Time Prayers

Photo By: Jana Glass, Looking Glass Photography 

This boy. He wears me out! He is stubborn, strong-willed, and set in his thinking. He is me through and though. His actions show leadership. His heart shows compassion. His mouth gets him into trouble.

Yet, every night when he lays down in bed, and we say our prayers, his true character shows. Of course he prays for things that any four-year-old would pray for. His new shark book, his glow in the dark stickers, and his new monster truck.

BUT…in the darkness and comfort of his room, he opens up and shares things that I wouldn’t even think of asking him.  He’s asked questions about the moon, Jesus, and how to be nice to people who are mean. He’s asked about his Big Mamaw, why his sister is in Heaven and not here, and why cookies taste so good.

There are so many nights that I just want to crawl in bed and go to sleep. Forget bedtime and just rest. I can’t though. I cherish this small window of time each night to just let my Monster speak from his heart.

If you’re reading this and you’re tired as a mother (haha, get it) don’t ever give up the opportunity to put your baby to bed and listen to them. Hear them. There’s a vulnerability there. There’s a trust that is formed and a bond that is made stronger. Sitting on the floor, listening to my Monster speak to me, openly, is something I am so very grateful for.

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