Gratitude | Day 5 | A girl named Jana

Photo By: Jana Glass, Looking Glass Photography 

They say, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”  Whoever “they” are, is correct.  At least I think they are.

We tend to have professional pictures taken twice a year- to  commemorate the boys birthday.  (The picture above was taken for Monster’s fourth birthday.)  I love professional pictures.  Love them.  You know why- because I have found a photographer who captures my family for who we are.  She’s awesome and I’ll leave her information at the bottom of this piece.

I love pictures simply because they freeze time.  They’re so much fun to go back and look at.  They’re a fabulous talking point.  They’re an investment. I am grateful for pictures, and beautiful professional ones at that.

I am grateful to have found Looking Glass Photography and owner, Jana Glass simply because she sees what I see in my head, and can bring it to life.  Jana has talent!  Waiting on her email with my pictures is like waiting for Christmas.  When my inbox has her name pop up- I am ready to open that present!

I am grateful to have had Jana capture every milestone in our family for the last four years.  She’s not only an amazing artist, but she’s grown to be my friend.  If you’re interested in checking her out, I’ll leave her information below.

Looking Glass Photography

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